Working one-on-one with driven individuals who are looking to take themselves to the next level. Helping create new systems and enabling you to make calculated decisions to help scale a bigger vision. 

Entrepreneurial-based speaker skilled in financial and organizational systems. Using my experience to motivate and educate crowds both virtually and in person. 

Bringing residential dreams to life as a part owner of The Hummingbird Homes, a fully licensed GA-based residential contracting company. Showing others how to make calculated real estate decisions with visions and creativity in mind.


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Data, systems, and efficiency obsessed risk-taker with things my heart wants. Detail obsessed, passion driven, and lover of deep conversations that lead to understanding the 'what' and 'why' underneath all the layers of life. Blessed mom of three unique boys. Thankful for His grace and plan for my life. Highly intuitive with a love to help others create freedom in their life. My life path and journey is  not the 'normal' and I have spent a good bit of my life feeling different. I have come to realize I like to be outside the 'normal'. It is all, and always been, for a purpose. As all of our journeys are. 

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(GAYTON Formerly Dickerson)

Entrepreneur, Productivity Expert, Business Coach, Finance Nerd, Dreamer, Overachiever, Lover of Design, Adventure, Coffee and Cuddling

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cre·ate- /krēˈāt/ verb: bring (something) into existence.


 I am a creator at heart and I love to "build." Creating from scratch and bringing thoughts, physical creations, and ideas into existence is a passion of mine. From a young age, I have also been highly charged and motivated, which has left me feeling different and perhaps even out of place in many environments. I don't like feeling like I am stuck in a box, and I have learned that I am not just “one thing.” I credit my Creator for crafting all He has in my story, etching in me all the ways to be His vessel. 
I see myself as a bridge, a visionary with a keen business sense. Deeply rooted in purpose, my driving force is the desire of others' hearts.

My path has been unique both professionally and personally, full of redirects, pivots, successes, trails, and restarting. As an entrepreneur for over 16 years, I have been creating companies, building physical creations, pushing others to be their best selves, and living an out-of-the-box life. I want to remind you that you are unique. You are that one in a lifetime. My goal is to inspire you to move out of your own way, help you create, and assist in forging your path as you desire. 
You may relate to some aspects of my life. Know that I am here to help guide you to your greater potential. I look forward to connecting and creating with you. 


I love edm, country and a little rap music. I love eating clean fuel and sharing some of my favorites along the way. I love optimizing productivity and sharing how you could too. I love design and I have high end taste but, homegirl also loves a deal! I love getting dressed up and sharing natural clean beauty products and anything that helps me to be more organized I am obbessed with! I love business and love helping seeing others succeed.  I was a photographer for 10 years and I have written a book, so you often share my way to create  is through images and sharing words. 


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Over 14 years of sharing, writing, growing, and documenting pieces of my journey… When I started my wedding photography business in 2009, I started this blog at the same time, as a way to connect.  




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